• Players are permitted to have only ONE guardian or family member on-site at the facility with them.

  • Any person who is in a high-risk category as determined by the CDC, whether due to age or pre-existing condition, is strongly discouraged from attending the event.

  • Any person with a fever or exhibiting any of the COVID symptoms is NOT permitted to enter the facility, even if this means loss of opportunity to play in practices or view/games.

  • Any person who has recently been exposed to someone confirmed to have COVID or exhibiting COVID symptoms within the 14 days prior to the event is NOT permitted to enter the facility, even if this means loss of opportunity to play in or view games.

  • Any person at the event who begins to exhibit COVID symptoms or a temperature while at the events must exit immediately.

  • All coaches, players, spectators, and staff are required to wear face coverings while walking to and from fields, practices, and while watching games. Players are NOT required to wear face coverings during warmups or games.

  • Coaches, players, spectators, and event staff are strongly encouraged to maintain SIX feet of social distancing at all times, the exception being when coaches and players are on the field warming up, practicing, or playing in a game.

  • Coaches, players, spectators, and staff are strongly encouraged to frequently wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer as well as avoid touching their face. Sinks, hand washing stations, and sanitizer will be available on site.

  • Sharing of water coolers, bottles, or cups is prohibited. There will NOT be any public water available at the fields or on-site. Bring your own hydration.

  • Coaches, players, spectators, and staff may not touch a game ball with their hands and must instead use their stick at all times.

  • Players are prohibited from post-practice/game handshakes or crossing paths on the field after a game.

  • At tournaments, no team tents will be permitted on-site at the facility. No tailgating or congregating of teams will be permitted in the parking lots.

  • Coaches, players, and spectators may not enter the facility until one hour prior to their first game, should return to their vehicles between games, practices and must leave the facility immediately following their last game/practice.